Impressions from the 32nd meeting
with Isaac Abraham

It’s always a great pleasure to listen to a real expert. And for sure, Isaac can do F#. He began by providing an overview of the F# language and ecosystem, and how and where it fits in within the overall .NET picture. He explained that F# is an open source language, with an active community who are contributing not just to the eco system of tools and packages but also to the language itself. After showing some case studies of F# projects, we then moved on to looking at the F# language itself and how it has a really powerful compiler – the type inference system means that you often don’t need to specify types anywhere in your application. This was pretty impressive for all the C# guys in the room. We also briefly looked at some of the features of the language such as Records and Async support before moving on to demoing Type Providers. CSV, JSON, XML and SQL – Issac piped everything with some keystrokes into the running process and meanwhile chatted relaxed with the audience. Yep, Issac is probably dreaming in F#. :-)

Finally we ended with a demo of some cloud features of F#, such as working with Azure data and finally looked at MBrace, which is a distributed compute / data framework. Isaac used the framework to easily spin up clusters of machines in Azure and then distributed the presented code across the cluster to perform distributed workloads. After 2 hours the show was over and  – for sure – everybody was a bit excited to try out functional programming on his own.

For this we have the slides here:

Many thanks to Issac for this great talk. It was a pleasure!